Haggard Bastard Demo

by Haggard Bastard

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released April 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Haggard Bastard Rutland, Vermont

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Track Name: Intro / Dine on the innocent
A nation controlled with a wave of their hand
a life on your knees, trespassers on their land
you wont escape the arm, even if you've done no wrong
they slap on the cuffs, they swallow the key
land of the chained, grave of the free.
Track Name: Blood Dance
A sky with no stars
a mind full of scars
trade your world with me
I want your world
off in the abyss again
another night of swimming in sweat
I hope your having fun
give me your world.

Ive got nothing
take what you want
Ive got nothing
take it all...

We dont say a word
and everythings ok
train wrecks in the dark
we collide..
Track Name: Razor Tongue Blues
Turn myself inside out
trying to find the problem
tracing the chords
and never finding a wall..

my carnal vice, a final goodnight
the one with wings that I hold down
your endless barrage, razor tongue
oh how I speak your language now

still waking up alone
to a disapearing figure
you stay with me
long after the blur

burning red
take my hand, don't go
burning red
don't give up on me
don't give up.
Track Name: Den of Wolves
Curl thine lips
bare thy teeth
you dont know
whats inside me

transformation, deformation, the years been ripped outside of me
forced into age, ignite the rage, one million degrees, inside of me

the constant beat
no chance of retreat
neverending war
forced unto me

I fasion the coat, I carve the boat, protecting myself from the outside,
a mask for a smile, a box for a laugh, we walk among you, we blend..

Do what I must to stay hidden, keep the light behind my eyes,
lock away the trigger, lodged deep in my mind
some things just dont work out
here it comes..
I feel it again..
Track Name: Trance
Now its all a nightmare
and you cant touch me now
I feel the cold and blurry glow
from the holes inside your face
its 1000 tiny cuts
and static in everything I say

The waters just outside
one more time into nothing
the waters coming in
one more time into nothing

oh what the fuck happened to me?

I think of everything I said
one more time into nothing
I think of everything we ever did
one more time into nothing
Track Name: Inner Animal
Lonely lonely man
been standing in a hole
you hold the shovel
and your piling piling piling piling

The beauty of silence
the horror of alone
I cant choose which
I deserve more..

shadow of myself
trying to hold on
everythings slipping
oh these translucent hands..

You know me
body of lightning
you know me
exhausted machine

look me in the eyes
cold blue ice
trace the circles
burn with me tonight..
Track Name: Avenge the Violent Youth
Reaching in my pockets
coming back with nothing
no net to fall back on
and the ground is coming fast..
what have I to lose?
what have I to gain?
revenge is my weapon
and I remember your fucking name

I cannot cower, I cannot hide
I juggle this weight, I make this world mine
follow my intent, to inherent all
ill never forget, just how long I crawled..

I wont forget the stolen years
I wont forget what you owe to me..